Shhhh, Porto has been eliminated

Ouch, ouch, ouch now that was some whoopin’. … ouble.html … pened.html … to-win-the … enal-porto … le1495328/

Porto is soooo last year :smile:

Glad I’m a Benfica fan!  Other than Ajax, no other team has a better scoring record this year.

Wait until next year when Benfica is Portugal’s representative in the Champions League.

And yippee, Bayern Munich has moved on to the next stage as well.

If Inter (and Milan) don’t go through, I think this will be the year that the Bundesliga overtakes Serie A in the UEFA coefficients.  Which is awesome for German football.

Take a look here:

Notice that in the last few years that German teams have been doing slightly better than Italian ones.  It’s a trailing average that determines the ranking, but it does look like Germany can overtake this year, and gain an extra Champions League spot.