Sheppard/Lab with a little rotty in her

I’m looking for a new home for my brothers dog. He’s always working now & just does’nt have the time to look after her anymore. She’s a good indoor dog, she’s good with kids, she does’nt bark around, she’s a year old this month so if there is anybody out there that is interested in her please get back to me as quick as possible.

P.S.I was already paid to destroy her but i’d rather try & do this for her 1st.

Hi, it is great that you are trying to find a new owner for this dog , if you cannot find an owner there are a couple other options, instead of destroying her! have you tried the spca? or in houston there is a place called Turtle Gardens who will take in unwanted dogs no questions asked. They have a website

Yeah i was on the phone with spca this mourning to get them to post my message on there facebook. I also have it on my facebook. i can’t get to houston

Yes thank god I found her a home. So no worries people.