Shell, partners approve huge $40-billion LNG Canada project

Set to be the nation’s largest infrastructure project ever, LNG Canada augurs a new wave of investments for major gas export projects after a three-year hiatus


hopefully they do announce so all those naysayers from last year can choke on their words including our ruling party in BC which was against LNG, said the new export tax was not enough, would pollute to much, etc etc etc, but guess who came on board the very same ppl they suspended the new export tax and gave them a few other benefits, if one gets announce good chance a few more might come back

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They aren’t against LNG they are against FRACKING!

actually both, LNG Plants for increase in GHG in BC and fracking, but once they got into power they changed their minds, hey I don’t mind that they changed their minds i’m all for LNG and Oil pipelines