She can be his Yoko Ono

Hmmm, assets of 800 million pounds (way too much in Canadian dollars), four years of marriage and now a divorce. … 28,00.html

Guess if you’re looking for a silver lining, Sir Paul is in for a bit of tax relief next year.Â

Let the catty comments begin.


Ok folks, pull out your old Beatles song books and see how many songs you can find to describe Sir Pauls predicament!

let me start.

We Can work it out (then again maybe not!)

“Can’t Buy Me Love”

“I Should Have Known Better”

“I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)”

“I’m Down”

“She’s Leaving Home”

“With a love like that…”

“Baby, you can drive my car”?

Baby, you can take my car!!

The future:

After his divorce, Paul ended up on  Penny Lane.  Someone saw him and said " Baby You’re A Rich Man no more."  Then a pusher invited him to be a Day Tripper
Paul, under the influence of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, started to think:  I Should Have Known Better when Ringo told me " You’re Going To Lose That Girl"  “True” Paul thought,  “She’s A Woman who could Twist And Shout like no one when we were intimate.“
Hunger started to settle in.  Paul dreamed about A Taste Of Honey poured over Strawberry Fields Forever
Suddenly, Paul thought about the Long And Winding Road of his life.  “When I’m Sixty-Four” he pondered, " I won’t be spending Eight Days A Week thinking about Yesterday’s memories”  " I better Let It Be” 
Hey Jude!” Paul yelled at the pusher,  “Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby because I think I’m done here.  I’m going to Drive My Car over a cliff and end it here.  I"ll be as Free As A Bird.”  His friend looked stunned and all he could say was goodbye.  Paul looked at him and said "While You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello to my new existence as a reincarnation of a Rocky Raccoon. " 
To his surprise, as he woke up from the dead and saw his reflection, all he could utter was “I Am The Walrus?”

The End

Wow, that is too clever Big Thumb.  That Atlantic air must be agreeing with you.

“Will you still need me / Will you still feed me / When I’m sixty-four?”

Apparently not.

Thank you Illywhacker.  I fixed it and put the song title/lyrics in italic so we can see it better.  With so many songs from the Beatles to choose from, I’m sure we could find other stories to tell.  Could be a fun thing to  do with other bands as well.