Shaw Direct

Received the following personal message today:

Hey, I’m not really supposed to do this but i will give you a heads ups, Shaw direct is coming into Prince Rupert on the 19th of may, i can give you a fantastic deal for switching when i get there

i would like to keep this on the down low so that city west doesn’t come out with some ridiculous offer to counter ours



its already here in the form of satelitte lol

It’ll just be our little secret!  :smiley:

$90 a month for a blank HD channel tonight’s game? Goddam rabbit ears better than that.
F.O.A.D. Shaw!!!

Switched from Shaw ( Starchoice ) to Citywest…why? Shitty service…no probs with Starchoice at all for YEARS…then bought out by Shaw…then PROBLEMS…PPV misses…tech info (none)…over charge …and then my fav…years of being a dream customer 8…our records show you are behind on a bill we will disconnect…Oops sorry wrong household…At least with citywest small is good…

Shaw keeps carging me for a second receiver…even though we dont have one!! This has been going on since it was starchoice!! Its quite annoying actually, happens about every three months or so. 
Other than that I have no complaints, I’ve ben comtemplating the move to an HD receiver…I just dont want to pay a fortune for one or get stuck in another contract - I like being a freelance customer  :smiley: 

Maybe Santa will bring on this year  :stuck_out_tongue:

$199 and you can discover all the HD channels you don’t get…
Even if you already buy both the DISC channels, you get to buy DISC HD again.
And discover how they lock up, fuck up or don’t display anything at all on a regular basis.
ABCWD was just blank for Lost.
CBCHD was just blank for Game 1 vs Chicago
FOXWHD was 1/2 a CBC screen for 24 tonight…
Worst $199 purchase I’ve ever made.

We switched from Skeena Cable years ago to Star Choice (we got tired of the sub-standard video signal, snow).  We’ve been relatively happy with Shaw Direct, and have had only a few glitches with our PVR.

The same here, we left Monarch Cable many many years ago back when the idea of tv options never seemed to go past 54 channels, haven’t had a complaint really since, signal is better, channel selection as well.

You guys don’t have the option of 14 channels of “Welfare TV” with an antenna.
Including DISC-HIST-HGTV-SPACE and Family Channel that switches to HBO at 10 pm.
We’re slowly going digital for a possible total of over 40 HD channels free.