Shaw Cable?

I heard that Shaw Cable is going door to door trying to get people to sign up?  Does anyone know what the deal is?

Seriously?!?!?  Sign me up!  I miss Shaw!  Give me some shaw high speed internet while you’re at it!

Yes, seriously.  They talked and left papers at my aunts on 6th West.  I’m going to check out the papers tomorrow.  See what the deal is.  It would be nice to have a choice in who you deal with.  When you have one company, they don’t feel the need to be nice or helpful.  My fingers are crossed.

Not to burst your bubble, but I suspect that your aunt received something from Shaw Direct (which is the new name for Starchoice sat TV)

The prospect of Shaw Cable moving into town, and having to wire up the city with its dwindling population seems rather remote.  They had the chance to buy Monarch Cable a few years back before CityWest “invested” in the operation and took a pass.

I would imagine what you will see is the opportunity to sign up for Sat Tv, which is good, lots of options and the quality of signal is good.

When you check out the papers let us know what they say, it would be interesting to see what kind of offers they are making to lure away CityWest subscribers… :astonished:   

It is Starchoice, Shaw bought them out - I received a letter about it with my last bill.

Heh, shows you how much I pay attention to my bills.  Thanks, folks, for the heads-up about this.  :-)  I guess I’m now a Shaw sat customer:)

You always were, Shaw has owned Star Choice since about  1996, I believe the name change is just one of those corporate vanity things… :wink:

Interesting!  Thanks for that, ThePodunkian.  :smile:

if anyone really wants to talk to one of the pre-programed over pushy sales reps just wait in the moby dick lobby for a bit they are floting arround with nothing to do but pester the workers…hey can you tell me what kind of tv you have sir.

what a pain in the ass, but it was fun watching them look like they are about to lose all control when you tell them i don’t have a tv lol. they have no training for this comment! :imp:

Well that explains it.
Some jerk walked in with a big sneer on Friday and told our staff to look for new jobs because Shaw Cable’s coming to town.
Probably some dickwad who’s put off going on our wireless for 7 years because the Telus rep in Mumbai has told him DSL was coming to his group of six homes 40 miles from the exchange ‘soon’.
Had to explain the realities of capital costs and R.O.I. to settle them down. 6 years of DSLs downtown here hasn’t recovered the cost of the 27 km of poles yet for Telus, let alone the fiber and the DSLAMs…
(They put in their own poles, to avoid paying Hydro $1 per pole per month on that stretch with no existing copper)

Actually, the Shaw Direct team was at tim hortons the other morning. i found them happy and pleasant. Super friendly bunch with a good sense of humor. I signed up! They have a great deal!

still be cheaper with citywest complain all u want about a monopoly but citywest is on par or better than competitors for deals

What was the great deal? How are they planning on delivering the signals are they offering broadband internet and when is this all supposed to start? 

They used to have an Internet package where you dialed up to connect & upload and downloaded thru your dish. Didn’t go over too well…
I don’t even know if my new digital box will connect to DSL, the old one had to dial to order a movie.
I haven’t had cable since the 80s when I lived in Langley, but I can tell you I sure didn’t pay $90 a month for total crap like I do now.