Sharing Printer on 10.3

Ok i got a friend that is useing a panther box sharing a usb printer on the mac and they want to share it to 2 windows 2k boxes. I have walked him through sharing the printer the windows computers can see and share files but it cant see the printer. Is there something im missing ? yes printer sharing is on and i tured on file sharing just so i can be sure that pc boxes can see the mac…

Did you add the printer? also it might not show up… but \location\printer

it’s a mig question. I dunno if i have to do something simple or not but ive tried lots of things and cant get it to work.

I dunno, worked fine for me today when I did it.

Any weird firewalling going on?

no the firewall is off because i can connect to it with the pc and surf the files : O )

jjust turning on printer sharing is all you have to do ? should i get the win2k box rebooted ? does it have to be on a domain ? All the machines use DHCP off a D-Link router…

You have to tell the windows boxes where the printer is… for example on our schools network the printer is on the tachyon server so its \tachyon\laser so you have to go to add a new printer click on network printer then enter the printer location

On my network, the windows machines can just browse to the Mac OS X shared printers.

yeah i have tried that too both joel’s and mig’s maybe the machies can be rebooted that will help i got it working before but this time it is difrent.

I predict that on Monday, some CHSS HTMF reader will print something on my office printer :wink:

LOL nah…!

Ok i have tried this some more and still cant get it working. windows can see the computer but i cant continue the step the error is

“you need to specify a valid network printer name”

did you specify the printer name? whats the printer shared as? If you have more trouble hopefully I will be able to learn more in a few days when i get my video card.

i found this it might work. i’m trying it right now. … rintxp.php