Shaq traded?

if anyone cares at all? what the hell did you think of that trade? :open_mouth:

You should have posted the details of the trade, so I wouldn’t have to go looking for them. I’m a lazy bastard, you see.

Source: MSNBC

*MIAMI - The telephone connection was lousy, with static drowning out Shaquille O’Neal’s voice. Still, the message came through clearly enough: He expects to win with the Miami Heat.

The Heat and Lakers finalized one of the most landscape-altering trades in NBA history Wednesday, O’Neal going to Miami in exchange for Caron Butler, Lamar Odom, Brian Grant and a first-round draft pick.

“I wanted to go to another contender, and Miami is definitely another contender,â€*

shaq is the most dominant player in the league when he’s used properly.

sorry about those details.

Bad trade for the Lakers. I don’t care though. I hate the Lakers. I was hoping Shaq would go to Dallas though. Dallas is ripper. Daniels, Finley, Dirk, Shaq… that’d be a hell of a starting lineup.

In that trade, the Lakers basically got a bad contract, an overrated player, and a guy who masqueraded as a power forward in the East, but will get eaten alive out West.

Grant is useless… way too undersized as a power forward already, and the Lakers are going to expect him to play Centre. Butler is an OK player, but pretty overratted. He has is good nights, but they got plenty of small forwards already (Fox, George, now Butler). Odom can be a useful player, but he isn’t a power forward out west. Duncan, Garnett, etc. will eat him alive.

As for the Miama Heat, the dividends of aquiring Shaq have payed off already. There have been tons of seats for next season being sold already. Also, being out East, where there is no, not even one, good forward/centre that could stop Shaq. I expect him to put up 25 and 10, at least, every night.

Who is shaq?

shaq is the monster that lives in my pants

It must be very scary and hard to find!

Well with all the trades that are happening, like Steve Nash a Pheonix Sun. Kobe was possibly going to Clippers but staying with lakers cause he’s a “Laker for life” and now with Shaq gone to the Heat… I think this well help the heat alot, but now who does the heat have that shaq can dish the ball to and make him the new most entertaining player… It’s gonna be odd seeing Kobe without Shaq, I wanna see how much shaq played a part in kobe’s success, I think he played a big part, its like Wayne Gretzky in hockey without his other teamates (big goons) he wasnt as usefull as we saw when he played in LA, St Louis and NY. What I personally wanted to see was Shaq / Carter… hehe but all and all I think shaq is a great addition to the heat…

and it’ll be good to see what else happens

In baseball news it looks like The big Unit, Randy Johnson will most likley finish his Career as a New York Yankee! which would rock, Big Unit is by far one of the Best if not the best Pitcher!, Except close to me Gange. (The canadian closer. for the dodgers)

I don’t see Johnson finishing his career in New York, at least not as a Yankee. The problem for the Yankees is, they really got nobody to trade for Johnson. Arizona is looking for prospects, and players with small contracts, not the ridiculous ones that every single Yankee has. If the Yankees were to get Johnson, that’d just be ridiculous. They’d have a payroll of over $200 million. The next closest would be Boston at $125 million.

The other New York team does have a player that everyone else seems to want, but I doubt they’d give up a power hitting 3B that could be a bigtime superstar, for a 40 year old pitcher with no cartilage left in his knees. Johnson still has game, but the price would be too high.

Personally, and this is a very biased opinion, seeing as how I am a Red Sox fan, I hope Boston can get him. That would be the most insane pitching staff ever assembled. Pedro, Schilling, and Johnson. That’s three #1 starters all on one team. Honestly, who could beat them in the playoffs with those 3 starters?

As a final note, how can you not love Gagne? He wears goggles, looks really geeky and not intimidating at all, but damn, 84 straight saves is a record that will probably never be broken. It takes a HELL of a lot of skill, and certainly a lot of luck to be able to obtain a record like that. And how can you not love a guy who has a 40 miles/hour difference between two pitches? 100MPH fastball, 60MPH curve. That’s just sick.

Agree’d russ, If yanks did get him, 200Mil = nothing they play 180 games a year… think how many in NY sell out… im positive they make MORE then enough to pay 200mil a yeah + some :stuck_out_tongue: as for Boston i too like them, mainly cause of Rameriz :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

but I would like to see the Big Unit do somthing with a playoff team!


Consensus here in L.A. is that the owner Jerry Buss is the Devil, and the Lakers will be bottom dwellers for quite a long time.