Shane Doan

My email to Bob Nicholson at Hockey Canada:

[quote]As a hockey fan and player, a proud francophone and a proud canadian, I want to tell you that I support your decision to put Shane Doan on Team Canada and give him the captain position.  Unless there’s an amazing conspiracy, the NHL clearing him of any wrong doing should be enough validation for your decision.
I’m not a fan of Mr. Doan per say but this “scandal” is just stupid.  I also believe that there are a lot of francophones who think that the politicians’ energy could be spent in other places when it comes to defending francophone rights ( in establishing and maintaining French-speaking schools or improving opportunities and incentives for learning French in the anglophone population for example).
I don’t know if you received many emails like this one but I felt it was important to send you one.

He replied back with a “thank you” ( or one of his staff did). 

If you share my point of view, you can sign the petition here:

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