Set for Life Winner

Last night there was a major winning ticket validated at the Park Ave Corner Store. The ticket holder won, one (1) of two major prizes available. $1,000 per week for 25 years (1.3 million) or a lump sum payout of over $600,000. It is fantastic to see a winning like this happening in Prince Rupert. More details to follow as I am sure the town will be buzzing soon.

Wicked!!!  :sunglasses:

…well, this should help Rupert’s economy…somewhat!  :wink:

:smiley:  Congrates to the winner  :astonished:  wonder if it was one of the 6-8 I sold yesterday    haaahahahahahh!

did you follow them home?

Probably someone visiting from Terrace…LOL    :smiley:  Congrats, now can I have the two bucks you owe me?

  How Sweet It is… I buy those ones… wishing  " someday "… boo hooo
                    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU    HAVE FUN

They should buy the mill and start it back up. Share the profit with all of prince rupert.

Even if nobody won anything at the Park Ave Store you should drop by for their food. They have the best cheese sticks this side of awesome, oh and, you’ve never had chicken as good before. No, no you haven’t. lol

Congrats to the winners.

However the name of this lottery should be changed.

$600,000.00 will hardly make anyone “set for life”.  If that were a sufficient amount of money, half the people I know would be retired living out their days on some Caribbean island.  Or $1000.00 per week, while a nice bonus, will hardly be worth much 10 or 15 years from now.

I totally agree, by the time the kids got into it, they would be set for life but not us lol
in this day and age you need a lot more than 600k to be set for life but on that note would not turn it down either.

You’re assuming they chose to take the $600k lump sum payment and not the $1000/week.  If they did take the $600k, that’s enough to live comfortably with for the rest of your life if it’s wisely saved and invested and you don’t go out and buy every shiny thing you see.

you must be on crack if you think starting that mill up is feasible lol

i actually think the chicken has too much breading and find ordering the food there ahead of time too much of a hassle