Server maintenance, expect things to be slow and not working

I’m upgrading to ubuntu 8.04 and taking this opportunity to make a huge backup, as well as adding some RAM to the server.

So expect it to be strange for a couple of hours.  It may be slow or just not working at all.

Well, I fell asleep and didn’t finish the upgrades.  Perhaps tonight.

LOL, uh does this mean that your server was in sleep mode???

Forewarning: php-curl and GD support are not included in the standard Hardy LAMP set up. Had to apt-get them to make stuff work when I did that couple weeks back.
Couple minor differences to the apache2 layout from Feisty too.
I found the GUI dumbed-down like Vista, but you aren’t gonna install it probably. Takes several hours to apt-get install ubtuntu-desktop.
Also noticed webmin (I use that lots) installs everything as root without asking.

So how do you like 8.04?  I’m running it on one box at work and so far I’m impressed.
Ubuntu 8.04 did a great job of identifying hardware on an IBM Netvista…much better than Debian 4.0.

Today I noticed in the User GUI that there’s a root user. You can’t login as root or ftp or ssh as root, only sudo.

Upgraded, made a few changes.  Looks good so far.

Does the server seem faster?

Yeah…it is snappy:-)