Senate appointments

Five new senators in one shot.  Is he trying to prove that an elected senate is needed to avoid this kind of thing?  There must be a word that describes this kind of thing.

I think SLIME fits well for now, but yes there are other much better words in the gallery.

so he appointments senators to prove that he wants elected senators hmmmmmm  :astonished: :smiley:

then he complains when his bills are taking to long to pass, but he prorogues parliament which means his bills are dead if they were not passed by the senate and parliament before the prorogue, but he blames the liberals for the delays again hmmmmmmmmmmm

me thinks he has been sniffing the tar sands again

I don’t approve of his actions, but, he is in power.  I’m happy that I voted for Nathan Cullen and the NDP.

Didn’t even adjust the regional imbalance.
Lying sack of shit.

Has the senate ever not passed a bill?..maybe we should abolish.

The original GST bill wasn’t passed by the Senate.  Mulrooney had to ask the Queen to increase the number of Senators by 8, so that he could have the majority necessary to pass the bill.

Putting her in a rather embarrassing position.

  1. Force a constitutional crisis and international incident by saying NO
  2. Say YES because she has to as a figurehead and make her look like a co-conspirator
  3. Scream “Didn’t we just repatriate your constitution a couple years ago so you don’t have to bother me anymore you ignorant little man? How dare you stick me in this predicament! You colonials STILL can’t do things by yourselves?”

Ah but you left out option four, step aside and turn the whole mess and all those other troublesome outposts to the fellow with the big ears.

Are you implying that big ears means he listens better?

Sure if you insist. Though it’s probably easier to drag him along to your point of view simply by grabbing onto a lobe and pulling him along for the ride.

probably get in trouble with some support group for people with big ears now I guess.

It’ll probably be lead by Prince Charles.

for most bills the senate just reviews them and pass them but for stuff that might infringe on the constitution they do go over it and review it and make changes to them, they did this even during Chretien’s reign, so it isn’t just liberal senators screwing around with the Tories bills, they screwed around with liberal bills too, most times the senate is useless but sometimes they actually do some work

And thus, the reason why the Senate should be either an elected body or an abolished body, leaving the creation of bills left to those accountable on a regular and elected basis.

Cheer the Tory Senate majority. If you like going to jail for one fucking plant.
Just don’t catch that disease that seems to affect a lot of people when leaders turn out to be assholes: “Gonnorhea Lectim”… :smiley: