Selling your garbage on FB

Stored 10 years? Let’s be honest:
TV will not even receive signals now, no buildings around tall enough to throw it off of.
Cabinet too small for most people’s computer monitor. $50.00 is what they should pay you to take both away.


Hahahaha, good stuff, herbie!

Put it out on the lawn or sidewalk with a “$20” sign on it. And someone will steal it.

If you put it on Facebook for “free” the Choosing Beggars will come out and complain about it…

Like the people I know who keep posting those “We’ve got too many unsold houses in Vancouver, so we’re giving one away free to people who share this”
“We’re giving away $2000 iPhones to the first 100,000 people who share this”

That ad looks like the same TV I once owned, Told the kids that the first one to show up with a boyfriend strong enough to carry it to their car could have it. That was 8 or 9 years ago. Grandson used it with his Playstation for a couple months until he came up with $100 for a flatscreen.