Sega Saturn

Like the title says Sega Saturn, works excellent, very fun gaming unit, add this retro Sega Saturn to your collection, games are fun to play and the Grafix and detail is unreal for this day and age gaming unit.

2 controllers

1 gun with Vurtua Cop 2 ( gun has been painted a lil )

Memmory Card

9 games : Panzer Dragon, Astal, NHL 98, Pebble beach links, Knights, Dark Legend, Doom, Mech Warrior 2, Vurta Cop 2



Just sold my Xbox  :sunglasses:

Now somebody… Hurry up and buy!.. my SS :smiley:

I hope you did the right thing and sold the Xbox to the first person that offered you the $100. To change your price mechanism from “ask-sell” to “ask-bid-sell”  after you already received your first offer of $100 is just plain BAD BUSINESS!!!

:smiley: sucks to be you, good to be me, thanks stinkyfeet Xbox more then what I could hope for.

Didn’t really want the Xbox, already have one. My point was made.

I think $100 was a fair price, thats what i was asking for it. I did not see or hear of anyone else wanting to pay more so i sold it. The Xbox was no use to me anymore now that i got a 360 so it needed a good home instead of my closet :laughing:

I’m glad you like it Asrto im sure you will get alot of use out of it ENJOY :smiley: :smiley:

Now somebody… Hurry up and buy!.. my SS :smiley: