Sedins like Zetterberg

Canuck management response in the GÖTEBORGS-POSTEN):

[quote]Så har canuckernas general manager Mike Gillis sagt att han vill bygga laget kring tvillingarna. Så uttryckte Daniel och Henrik så sent som för en vecka sedan en mycket tydlig signal om att vilja stanna.
Häromdagen och i Vancouver sun gav sig Laurence Gillman (klubbens vice-gm) in i det offentliga samtalet.

  • Vi skall sätta oss ner och prata med dem (sedinarna) snart, vi har fortfarande lite tid pÃ¥ oss.[/quote]

At first glance I thought this was insane. But the more you look at the stats, the more these three Swedes even out.

Looking at their points after the lockout (everything before the lockout being skewed by hockey where men clutched on to one another) there are some superficial similarities.

Zetterberg: 73 games avg per season and his point total average is 79.5 pts per season.

D Sedin: 81.75 games avg per season, 77.75 pts avg.

H Sedin: 82 games avg per season, 78.5 pts avg.

Major difference: Zetterberg one cup, two finals.

                        Sedins no cups, no finals.

Are they worth the coin?

At first glance I thought this is a ridiculous proposition, but the cap hit looks to be around 5.5 mil. The term of the proposed deal is a bit long but as I understand it, this is just a starting point. If Gillis can reduce the term without inreasing the cap hit I would go for it.
BTW, the Sedin’s are not the same calibur of player as Zetterberg at this stage in their respective careers.

I certainly agree with dave on this.  They are not yet in the same league as them Detroit players.  Zetty and Datzy…soon maybe soon…

Put a big pile of money in the center of the rink, then I’ll give em an excuse to skate around in circles.  Until then, see if they can carry a team DEEP into the the playoffs first.


I am sick of this team not winning. We need a cup. I actually think that the twins ca help get us there. At $5.5 per season, that’s fairly reasonable on the surface. But the devil is below and what they want is front end loaded contracts, meaning their best years will hamper more than help the Canucks. And these “Eternal” contracts seem pretty risky to me.