Security! =D

in another thread in the Tech subforum, a user (Astrothug) had asked which type of Security measures to put in place on a PC, which brings me to the purpose of this thread.

I was wondering,

what type of Anti-virus, Firewall, Internet Security Suite, etc, Do you peoples use?

I am currently using Avast Pro 4.7.1098 & Comodo Firewall Pro.

along with other small programs such as:

  • Spybot - Search & Destroy
  • Ad-Aware 2007
  • & Spyware Blaster

I was also wondering, which Programs/Security Suites would you peoples Recommend?

I got Comodo Firewall, no anti-virus yet(still trying to see which ones the best).

got spybot - search and destroy

thats all i have for security lol

I have no security on my computer.  Why bother if you don’t do anything stupid enough to get infected in the first place?

So how about all those exploits that can escalate to full remote control of your computer (including installing rootkits and stuff like that) just because you’re connected to the internet?  Heck, for about 6 months there, you could just view a malformed graphic on a webpage and it could infect your computer.  Not to mention all the Active-X stuff.

But yeah, if you think you don’t need any security software at all, then that’s really a comment on your knowledge of computers, not a comment on the need for security software.

You probably shouldn’t be giving others advice on security, though.

I didn’t realize I was giving advice to anyone.  The OP asked what other people used and I said nothing.  I was just answering his question.  shrug

Whoa. :astonished:
Each to his own I guess.

The computer I’ve been using is a 7 year old laptop that can barely run windows.  Take what you can get I suppose.  It’s this or nothing atm.  Now my computer that got left up in Rupert is a diff story.  I have ZA Pro, Avast, Spybot S&D, Adaware, and something else, but I forget the name of it.  Thank god for all that too.  Since I’ve been gone, my ex is letting every idiot in town use it it seems like.

ahh that’s unfortunate WhatToDoNow, I >Loathe< when other people use my computer.

I consider it,  oh,I don’t know . . . Really special.

The Way I Consider My computer, is the way people Consider their nice cars.


I have to say though, I did ask two questions :stuck_out_tongue: :

1 -

2 -


PS -

I need to brush up on my forum codes  :imp:

I’m sure you hang out on car forums, and when somebody says “hey, should I buy the VW or the Honda?”  You say “I don’t drive.  Why don’t you walk instead?  You’re stupid if you drive.”

Not only is it bad advice, you’re basically saying that if your computer gets infected, it’s because you’re stupid?

Your the typial type of person that i used to call every day / week telling them know they are infected and flooding networks, and that we are turning the connection off untill they clean up there viruses/ spyware.

It’s people like you that don’t give a shit about your computer to protect it, not only are you infecting your self, your comtributing to the virus and helping it knock on others computers to get infected.

Grow a brain, atleast download some free virus software.

Are you the type that doesn’t lock the car door because you don’t think you will get broken into or robbed ?

I’ve got the best security suite in the world, it’s called *nix.  I don’t have to worry about viruses or spyware.

True, you don’t have to worry about viruses or spyware, but you still have to worry about someone getting into it, but keeping it updated will keep them out :smile:

AVG & AVGAS behind a router. Windows firewall, no others.

Never been hit, ever.

However, the public computer in our shop runs AVG, AVGAS, Adaware, ZoneAlarm, is also behind a router and I have to disinfect it every damn week at least once.
Stupid is as stupid does, open ports yourself, accept every MSN & Yahoo file and install every Facebook gizmo and you’re gonna get nailed. And unfortunately that’s 90% of Windoze users.

My “ignurnce story” of the week: “Every time I started my computer that goddam AVG was doing updates, so I took it off to ‘speed up’ my computer”

Well I don’t know about the people you call, but I sure wouldn’t ever be one of them.  I’ve had one infection in I don’t even know how long.  I don’t install retarded 3rd party spyware programs.  I don’t send money to Nigerian princes.  I don’t put that retarded smiley crap on my computer.  I don’t download porn.  I don’t download and install pirated software.  I don’t install anything unless it’s absolutely necessary.  Hell I even tell people not to send those stupid forward e-mail things to me because they’re annoying and there’s no way if I send it to 50 people, they won’t close my account.  Sorry, but you can’t contribute to “the virus” if you don’t have any to start with.

I know you work at Future Shop right?  Where you mark up and gouge retarded computer customers then complain about how they don’t know how to use a computer in the first place.  Blame yourself for that one, not me.

Sheesh everyone’s getting on me just because I asked why people here push Linux so much and for saying I don’t use any security programs on the laptop I currently use.  Well, whatever makes you guys feel better I guess.

I’m the same way.  When someone even asks to use it I cringe because they usually wanna check their e-mail, check stupid bebo or facebook, ask if they can download something, or watch stupid videos.  I put a lot of time and work into making it just the way I want and it only takes 5 seconds for someone to screw that up.

Agreed, my friend! :smile:
I’m running the same security suite. :sunglasses: