Securing wireless network

Talking about unsecured wireless network,  mine is.  Should I make it secure?  Is it a big risk to leave it unsecure?

My WEP key is 1234567890.

um so how is that 26 letters :smile:

WEP is ok but mac filtering is a little better… Don’t use dhcp either. Turn that off and use manual ip’s on some routers you can assign your own ip range… The mac base station uses 10.0.0.x If people don’t know the piece of hardware / ip range then they can’t use it. Â I have a old Netgear 11b wireless OLD skewl but works Good…


Did someone answer my query about leaving my wireless network unsecured?  I would really like to know if it’s a big deal.

yeah i did…  and you should secure it…  Like duh… Would you leave your front door to your house wide open ? Or even your car windows and down all night down town ?

Humm  :smiley:

Actually, I rarely lock my truck.  Even in PR, I didn’t lock my truck.  It got search twice but nothing was taken cause I never kept any thing worth taking in it.  Also, having it unlocked might have prevented a busted window.

But thanks for the advice.  I will read my Linksys manual for the instructions.

Then my best advice to you is leave it wide open and don’t worry about it then. While your at it right click on c: and share it too. That will enhance the security…

Now come on Leaman.  I’m dumb but not stupid.

LOL  :smile:  Hey i tried…  But i got you to smirk :smile:


I think I need more help setting up the security if anyone is willing :confused:

I went to this page: and started doing what they said.  Now my interface on the set up is different then what they show.  I am using my wired computer to make the change.  Everything seemed ok until I turned on the three wireless laptops (one iBook and two hp laptops) that I want on my LAN.  None of them picked up the signal.  I am trying to figure out the access restrictions page on the set-up at but I get lost. 

I’m going to bed now but hopefully some of you will be able to help.

EDIT: I think I got it.  I had to enable something the broadcast.  Then my laptops picked up the signal and I was prompted for the key.  Is it normal that the three laptop connect automatically from now on?  I shut all three down and restarted and didn’t need to put in the key anymore.

I’m just sorta catching up on wifi technology as of two days ago, but from what I’ve discovered so far, you’re really not gonna keep people out if they want. You can forge MAC addresses on some cards, crack the encrpytion, and pick up non-broadcasting stations as soon as any traffic goes by.

Most people probably aren’t gonna be that dedicated, so by just turning on encrpytion, you’re gonna stop the casual passer-by.

I’ve spent the summer being a casual passer-by though, and I’ve appreciated the open access points people leave.

That’s the rub. Someone’s gonna be parkedin front of your house or next door.  And far more inerested in sending their e-mail than in whatever the hell’s in your computer.
Most wireless routers won’t let you share between the wired and the wireless unless you go out of your way to set it up…
Leave yours named default, on channel 6 with no WEP key. How the hell else do us travellers get to go on the net?
(using someone’s unsecured sig right now)

I have IPs assigned by MAC for our three computers, but I still have DHCP enabled with a simple and easily memorable key (like I said, 1234567890). I want to be able to easily let people hop on to my network, and having even a single layer of simple security will keep 99% of the random passerby out.

I’m much like BigThumb with regards to the car, though. My keys are in the ignition. If you take it, bring it back with a full tank.

The last person that uninvitedly borred Jason’s truck ran out of gas half way to Terrace. If the theives woulda checked, there was probably a jerry can in the back too, heh.

Arn’t you on osx. If so it’s kept in the keychain so you DON’T have to keep putting it in :smile:

Leave your wireless network unsecure.

If it weren’t for unsecure wireless networks I wouldn’t be on the internet here ina hotel in Prince George, courtesy of “angel”.