Secret Fishing Derby

Our LAST Fishing Derby. If you drive 52Km north from the weigh station before Vanderhoof you’ll find the advertising, If you stop and get out of your car you might be able to read that it’s about a Fishing Derby.
Used to be a big deal but all these tourists came and spent their dirty money here and even won most of the prizes.
So I’m a dirty “leaker” posting this.

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So they really don’t want people from “the outside” to know about it?

Oh no, they actually do. That’s why they put up the sign in downtown Fort St. James.
They even have a website if you happen to stumble across it.

There’s also a huuuuge Music Festival like the 7th annual one later this summer. If you come here and hunt for a falafel you might notice the poster on the wall and you can buy tickets. Why they’ve got a weebly web site if you can find it too.
Shit! Let the cat out of the bag again.

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Here: I’ll stop being sarcastic just because the powers that be here are totally helpless at self-promotion.

And a redundant plug for the Historic Park, which seems to be the only thing locals want us known for. It alone makes the 45 minute drive off Hwy16 worth bringing the family to see and Canada Day will be quite the to do this year.

“They” the powers that be should hire you for community promotions. :smile:

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Here’s the way people think. Many times we go out for dinner on Friday, very often we’re the only two in the restaurant (yeah- it’s THAT slow).
The server complains to us that there were two dozen tree planters in the other night and they stole the toilet paper out of the Ladie’s room. She’s thinking of not serving them ever again.
Sold 24 meals they wouldn’t have and thinking of ensuring it never happens again over a 50 cent roll of asswipe.

Woah, fancy! Must be nice!

Shameless plug if anyone’s visiting Prince George - Battulla Burning downtown on 3rd, a new pizzeria built around their feature wood burning pizza oven.
Got treated there for Father’s Day, really worth a visit. They even have a Vegan menu for those who like to eat lawn clippings.
Be warned: No blaring music, zero TV screens, no damned chicken wings on the menu.
PG starting to become civilized.

Doing the favour the other way. Bringing our filthy tourist dollars to Rupert this weekend for a getaway. No plans, we’re winging it.
Open to any of your suggestions on places to see, things to do, cheap motels, places to eat.