can someone tell me if Sears is open on Sundays? bought a tv from there saturday and it’s missing the bracket for the pedestal. this wouldnt be such a big deal but i’m from out of town and would like to straighten this out asap. the damn thing is useless without that bracket.

Best of my knowledge they are closed on Sunday’s, give them a call on Monday and since they didn’t include the bracket have them ship it to your residence

all right, thanks. i dont think i’ll deal with Sears after this.

It isn’t Sears it’s the suppliers. Replaced an entire household after a fire, no shit 40% of items were missing a part in the box, or the box said ‘black’ and the contents were white or green.

Agreed. Before you write off Sears contact the new store manager. I’m sure he will want to help you out. This in all likelihood is not his error.

talk to sal or richard they are both very helpful people who wouldn’t mind helping you. and yes don’t blame them shit happens and a very easy solution as well

the tv was a display model and i blame the person who took it apart and put it the box. forgot the most important part i think. thanks all.

Not complaining about the local store but I get to chuckle at Sears billing dept every month. In July 2008 when I paid my Sears bill, by mistake I reversed the cents and then got a statement for $.83 + interest. I haven’t paid it and every month since I get a statement with more interest…now up to $2.16!! With postage each month plus the cost of processing and all the stuffers with each statement I estimate Sears has paid out $15-$20 to bill me. Makes a person wonder how many more customers are billed for cents owing each month. Even the Government writes off +/- $1.00. I’ll pay Sears when it reaches $3.00 and just for fun might be with pennies!!

I do not think Sears should be charging you interest on interest…???? I would suggest that you pay them up before they tag you with a bad credit report. Pay them about 15 cents more and then they have to keep sending you a statement with a credit… Proves, you cannot make logic with a computer !