Searching for free, uncomplicated download for digital photos.......please?

Hi everybody,  I have a great digital camera but the program for it is rather boring as far as special effects for pics etc. so I am looking for a free, easy to understand and user friendly download for same.  I have Serif Photoplus SE downloaded and it is fairly good but there is an upgrade for $9.99 which I am wondering is worth using my credit card for. Can anyone advise me on this. I also have Photobucket but only use it to find photos etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated…Thank you . Please keep in mind, I am not very computer literate :confused: but I am trying !!

Get a Poloroid or try painting by numbers, sorry I hope you get the proper lead.

  Well, that would be one step up from my coloring books as I can’t seem to stay within the lines !!  Thanks for the advice… :laughing:  Now seriously folks…Help !

Im not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for…but I use a program called Picasa. I think its really fun and there are soon really cool effects you can do with your pictures.

I’m using GIMP and love it.  I’m not sure if it’s ‘uncomplicated’ enough for you, but it is free. :wink:

FxFoto is also good…the free version has ample features.

I have a question , how do I cut and paste? I know this has nothing to do with photos but it was easy to ask. What are the steps that I take?

Gimp and Picasa II are both decent.

Thank you everybody, downloaded Picasa 3 and am a very happy camper !! Nice special effects and EASY to understand  :smiley:

Cut & Paste will work with photos also. I see you’ve received your instruction on the other thread.

Thats one thing I LOVE about Picasa and why I continue to use it…it is soo easy to use!!