Search engine searches

Its a link from a slashdot story. … 0&qcat=web

It seems it shows you near RT what people are searching for on Dogpile.

“beard bikini pics”

“illegal preteens”

as opposed to the legal pre-teens I suppose :confused: sick puppies out there

I saw “penile numbness” on there.

Oh God :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
That reminds me of this freaking moron I knew, well I knew his old lady in school long before… but this dick had a wart on his knob, and didn’t want to go to the doctor about it. His old lady wasn’t too bright either so they dabbed Compound W on it.
Well it started to really burn and he was hopping around screaming, so she took the baby’s ORAGEL and rubbed it all over to ‘cool it off’. Talk about numbness it froze into the ultimate woody and they had to go to Royal Columbian Emergency in New West. Walking close behind her so no one noticed his pants in a puptent!
Anyway they were all embarrased because the Compund W had started to burn a hole through the skin, and he couldn’t feel it! The nurses were all hooting and stepping outside to laugh and roll around.
My sister was training there that nite and she recognized the name and told me, but I couldn’t say anything to them or they’d know she broke confidentiality. I couldn’t keep a straight face whenever I saw them, but a couple weeks later they got really drunk at a party and confessed to everyone there!!