HI ALL: Looks like another slow night on HTMF.
Unfortunately, I have been house bound for the weekend, so I didn’t get to participate in Seafest.
Anybody have any pictures to post?
Thanks in advance!  :smile:

Sorry to hear that, it was fun, specially the quick & daring. LoL takes gut to try that. Water looked cold heheh


How about a nasty sunburn?  :sunglasses:

sure here are a few I took. :smiley:

a few more …


from today…

more today

Heh, helicopter pilots don’t like it when you take photos of helicopters with a high shutter speed :wink:  Something superstitious about the rotors not turning.

I have a bunch of photos from the parade, I’ll make a slideshow in a few minutes.

the last… Bunch enjoy…

Slideshow from the Seafest parade:

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(or fullscreen here: )

Great bunches of pictures and it looks like you had a perfect day for it up there. Loved seeing the “Halibuts”-my husband used to be a Herbie,lol!

I see you got a shot of me in there, Mig, but none of my adorable kids!

Hey Mig,

Can I get a picture of me taking a picture of Len?

Click on the photo, then keep clicking until it’s the big version, then save that:

Mucho gracias

Another slideshow of the same photos:

If you know anybody in the photos, tag them on facebook: