wet…wet…wet…wet…wet… oh, now that the parade is over ,and the clouds have cleared… look up, the sun is out and everyone is drying out.
  Kudos to all of you brave participants in this years Seafest Parade… holy shit did it rain on you. … but onward and upward… there were people playing in the band, dancing in the rain…haha… big bird, Oscar, and cookie monster looking a little drenched.
Floats with birthday cakes ( they looked really great by the way) even balloons that did not escape either.
Alot of people came out to watch… it was fun actually, just being part of a true Rupert celebration…rain or not, Rupertites came together for a good time… thanks  :sunglasses:

Doea anyone have any photos of the parade?

:astonished: What a Great Seafest!! Even with a “Little” Rain.  I have to say this is the best one yet, An it’s not even over!!!  I am hoping that this will let me upload!!

why will it not allow Video’s to be posted?

I have to say I found downtown seafest today very disappointing, hardly any food or vender’s hopefully tomorrow will be better!

I didnt get a chance to check out to many other vendors  :smile: was pretty busy

Oh I’m so glad to be home and off my feet. The two event’s I’ve spent months helping plan went off with out a hitch. We woke up in the morning and didn’t figure we’d not have anyone show up for the car show, But just as the last floats were almost to Mc Bride, the sky’s parted and blue was to be seen. We ended up running out of room for cars by the end of the day. And then we moved to our next venue, behind the credit union and pulled off the first burnout contest down town has ever seen. There was likely over two hundred people in the crowd, who were all very excited to be there. Hooting and Hollering for the car that made the best smoke show. We all had loads of fun! And for all of you volunteers out there, thank you for your time and effort, without you, We’d not have any events in Prince Rupert.

Great Seafest everybody!

And don’t listen to the nay sayers, they always find so much to nay say about.

they had a burnout contest down at race track gas a few years back gave out free gas cards for the winners,  so your not the first

i haven’t been to seafest in 10 years, but i saw atleast 8 food venders.  Since when is seafest all about food poisoning

I know, it was our club that put it on. I was there. I’ve been helping with events for the autoclub since I was 10 years old. It was the first burnout contest DOWNTOWN Prince Rupert has ever seen. Meaning, no one had to drive out to the industrial park to see it. If we do it again next year, I’m hoping we can get a few more cars than we had this time.