Sea Level Drags

I’m trying to get membership and volunteer numbers up for our club. I really want to get another event running in Prince Rupert. Does anyone remember the Sea Level drags? How many people are into seeing drag racing in Rupert?

You don’t need a car to join the autoclub. Just an interest in anything automotive. And I really do mean anything, off roading, ATV’s etc.

We’ve been on a hiatus because there haven’t been enough people wanting to help. We need manpower to make an event happen, and manpower we don’t have.

I’ve created a group on facebook, Prince Rupert Auto Club.

And we also have a website, which MiG has awesomely fixed up for us.

I’m really interested in hearing the feedback for this.


I think that this would be an experience a lot of Rupert people would like I think. it is not like a lot of people can go to terrace and take in the fun of a family event.

I remember there used to be races out at the Grain Terminal… and they were down on George Hills Way another year… before they put up the big, mean fences!

Yep. That’s what I want to get going again, there was also one out at ridley terminal, right underneath the coal terminals haha. Oh boy, the kids came in clean, and left there completely black with coal and with huge white grins on their faces. We had over a thousand people come to the race out at ridley.

There doesn’t seem to be much interest in it, at least not from the feedback here anyhow. Rupert is starving for events. The problem is, there’s no one that wants to help make them happen.  I’m honestly suprised that Seafest has lasted as long as it has.


We need something like that ! :smiley:

why no? like, what would be wrong with an hour hear and their for volunteering? yes, people have lives, but, it just seems so Easy :smile:

I’m all in for this event, but I have two hard questions.

  1. Does city council support us or not?
  2. Location location  location?

It was alot of fun at the last two events for all involved. City was as city is, they welcome new ventures but feed hard rules. How does Bob’s on the Rocks feel and Ridley Island?

Shouts to

Didn’t they have some trouble getting insurance? I’m probably wrong but I thought I heard something like that years ago.

Nope, no troubles for insurance. And I don’t knwo where the location would be, or if city council is in. We’ve never had any troubles with council before though. Pretty much, as long as we have the insurance, and everything like that I can’t see anyone really having a problem with it. Although the years we had it on George hills way, I think one person on fourth east complained about the smoke ruining their view for a day. HAHAH. Kind of amused me.

We can do a number of different events, and I plan to be holding a few meetings soon.

The problem is, and has always been, volunteers. Most people would rather indulge in the fun of the event, than help out and miss it. It involves much more than just an hour here and there of your time Sindicat. It involves alot of planning and meeting and time. And is usually why events go down the tube eventually.

Anyways, Nothing is a go yet, I just wanted to hear some feed back, see what people thought about it. See if anyone wanted to join the autoclub, or at least help us out.

Anyone who is really interested, PM me, and join the facebook group, that’s where the meetings and such will be posted when they happen.

Thanks all.