Scum throwing garbage

I’ve often wondered what kind of scum throws thier garbage into the ditchs alongside local roads. Now I know. While riding my bike at 7am Tuesday morning,26 of May, I saw a late model black SUV  licence plate #886-MFV stop on Park Ave. pull over and throw trash into the bush get back in and drive away. There was a man and a woman in the truck. The woman was wearing a traffic saftey vest . Hard to belive people could do this.

Considering you witnessed it, and have the plate number, did you report it to the police?

Too bad you didn’t have a camera to take a photo of the them, and post it on here :wink:

Like that time I witnessed the hit and run and posted the photos.

Still, if you really want to do something, call the police and give them a statement.  If you can’t find a cop, just roll past a stop sign and one will be along shortly, and you can give him the information.

Ya I will call the cops. I wanted to take a picture with my cell phone but it happened to fast.

they will probably take it less serious consitering you didnt call them right away about it.

I heard they probably scooped a couple of young individuals for windows and B&E’s. These new officers in charge are going to make a difference I believe.

Maybe those young individuals could go and pick up said garbage!!  Whatever happened to community service?  Do they even do that anymore??

Yes they do.

So it looks to me you all got grief with the young ones in this area. Can you not curb them and scare the shit out of them.

Yeah, they do community service.
They place them in very comfortable positions though,
I would hardly consider what some kids do for hours punishment.

I don’t care how old you are - if you do stupid and/or dangerous things, you should have to face the consequences.  I’d love to get my hands on the a-holes that threw 3 firework/firecracker things (yeah, I know - real technical - they set off huge bangs like a firecracker and buttloads of smoke) into my front spare room - they ripped the screen open and let them rip.  Six o’clock in the morning, my husband had just left for work - scared the bejesus out of me.  Luckily, nothing more was damaged than the screen, a couple spots on the carpet and oh yeah, the nasty horrid stench that was left in that room.  Apparently it seems we were being punished for leaving the window open, giving them access to the screen?  We had just bought the house at the time, maybe they were pissed at the old owners?  Or, (and my money is on this one) just stupid a$$clowns that couldn’t find anything else better to do.  Yes we reported it, no nothing came of it because no neighbours saw a damn thing - and let’s face it, the whole CSI treatment isn’t going to happen on my house just because some morons decided to act out their idiocy - I mean, nobody died. 

Soooo, back to the topic - I don’t give a rat’s butt how old you are, if you do stupid shit, you ARE a stupid shit.  End of rant (wow, didn’t think I held onto anger so much - HAH)

ETA - a couple of photos…after the fact - oh yeah, those ‘crackling bombs’ also ruined the air bed…

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Welcome to Surrey, my friend.

Hahahahaha - nooooooooooooooooooo - I grew up in the lower mainland and swam competitively in Surrey - oh wait, but it was worse than just “Surrey” - it was Whalley. 

i have my own scum throwing garbage story, we have a bin outside our housing thats shared between 20-25 familes. ever since they moved the dump and started the fees ive watched “comando” garbage drops at our bin by people who obviously dont live in our development and as such arnt figured into when the bin is picked up, hence we’ve not only had piles of garbage visable as soon as the door is opened, Ive even sat fixing my bikes and watch them do it, usual culprits driving four runner / cherokee types, mixed with the occasional minivan or pickup.

I know when its garbage day in our area, not because I have to put out the garbage, but becuase I see the line of vehicles all day, its really quite sad to see them actually sneaking out of the cars, and looking around, and if your there, they still do it, they just cant look you in the eyes when their walking to the back of their car and dumping their stuff…

the worst if family allowance or any holiday, christmas was the worst. There was litterly a mountain formed around our bin, and actually all the bins in our area were filled, and not by people living in our area, as most of us threw their stuff out that morning, and the bin was filled by lunch, then the cars started showing up, even though our children were playing with thier christmas toys with all the neighborhood friends in the grass outside our houses, they kept just coming and piling it, just stopping long enough to throw it on the pile of broken garbage bags. The dogs, and the seagulls tore it all up, then the cats, then the crows, then the pigeons, add to that these peoples cars driving over the mess and spreading it more, and thats what we got for a boxing day present…

then it got worse, they started coming at night…and just throwing the bags anywhere they pleased, our doorsteps, our lawns. my nieghbor woke up boxing day morning with an open bag of garbage on her lawn by her front door, that had come apart and spewed used adult diapers and other femine toiletries at her very doorstep.

we spent that morning prying all that gunk out of the snowy ground…no snow fun at home we took our kids out to a park in the hope of not digging up some dogs droppings, beer glass or used needles/condoms, cripes wtf happened to our city…

Take photos of the culprits and post them here. We might even make some of them famous. :imp: