Screen resolution

Who runs 1024x768 these days? Come on now!

I just wish Acer was a little more specific and honest of the actual capabilities of this unit. I bought it specificially for my PS3 and PC becuase of its 1080p specs. Believe it or not, I can only display a 1080P signal via component, not by VGA, DVI or even HDMI. Anything that isn’t component is limited to a 1080I signal… My PC through DVI displays as 1920x1080 @ 30Hz, which is the crispest picture I think it can handle. HDMI through the PS3 is great, but limited. I wouldn’t have even bought the TV OR PS3 if I knew this was going to happen… Also, PIP and POP wont work with DVI, it just displays blue… So I can’t watch tv while surfing, but I can watch TV while playing PS3… but why?

Overall, a bit of a pissoff, but the couch cushions serve as a great mousepad surface, as does the couch and office chair.

What Acer? I have the 20" wide, it keeps telling me no DVI signal since I went to XP64

Thats weird ? what kinda video card do you have ?

ive seen on some video cards there is a jumper to turn on dvi. Its a stupid option but ive seen it

I have a 22" Samsung. Hoping to order another :smile:


GForce 6600… used to be hooked DVI only on XP32… I have the latest driver (I uninstalled the 64 bit for a month until they posted a driver)
Could use a new card one of these days anyway, don’t game it’s a web & print design system