Scrap Metal Recycling

As an enviromentally conscious (that is to say, an unwashed hippy) I’ve been getting more and more bothered by how much metal we chuck in the dumpster at work. I called the Recycling Depot asking if they took scrap metal, but as soon as I mentioned “car parts”, the guy said they couldn’t.

I remember at back at our old location, some older guy came buy asking if he could buy our scrap metal (and our old batteries and some other stuff) but my boss wasn’t into it. Also, I was down in Vancouver recently, and all over the news was the rash of vandalism and theft as bums were stealing anything they could get their hands on that was made of metal to sell to scrap dealers.

So, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a person or business in Prince Rupert that would take our scrap metal (heck, I don’t even want money for it, I would just rather see it reused than landing in the dump). We’re talking things like brake rotos, drums, shock absorbers, springs, axles, bumpers, engines, transmissions, rims… lots of iron, steel and aluminum.

for true justice!!!

Copper and aluminum brings in nice cash apparently. I think there’s a place in Terrace that buys it.

AMIX comes here on occasion with its steel barge, but I think they only pay for large quanitites of steel. Greenleaf Construction, I think are the folks that have the scrap steel pile down at the indust, but I think they already have more steel than they know what to do with.

Haha, this is where the term “junkie” came from. People who’d steal scrap metal and sell it.

i dont know how the fuel conversion works out, but get your copper to vancouver and you’re looking at a lot more money.

might only make sense if you’re headed down their for other reasons though.

We don’t really have much in the may of copper.

Probably 70% iron/steel, 25% aluminum, 5% other.

I’ve been stashing the brass rings at work that get tossed all the time. At first I put them aside for recycling purposes, but then I saw some dude just turfing them in the garbage… So I’ll keep a collection growing until I find somehere to sel them as scrap. Apparently brass is quite valuable. Each ring is about a kilogram of pure brass.

Plumbers make wicked X-Mis bonuses when they keep all they copper pipe from when they is replacing Hot Water Heaters and other such junk. They just return they pipe around X-Mis and it becomes a cool couple a Kilo’s in they money folder.

[size=9]Note: X-Mis ain’t has a thing to do with it…[/size]

Brass is worth a ton. Go take a look at what it costs to buy a large brass fiting from the plumbing store. I think I saw one the other day that weighed between 5 and 10 pounds, and was 100 bucks.