Scottish Folds

I am currently fostering some Scottish fold kittens and one mama cat. They are great so if anyone is interested let me know. They are 5 weeks right now.

Hey bugger off! I have all kitten rights to this site!

Are they longhairs or shorthairs? I’ll consider taking one in six weeks, when I return from vacation.

Ouch, he’s already stolen one of your sales Smartass.

Well, since they are free kittens, it’s not really a sale. And since they aren’t my kittens in the first place, it’s ok. I’m just trying to help my friend find good homes for the kittens she has, since I said I could take one and now the plans have changed.

All 5 are still available. There have been some people interested, but everyone seems to already have one, or not be allowed.

Jeesh… your cats have too much sex.

These are two different cats… get your mind out of the gutter.

Well when you get back let me know. One Scottish fold passed away at the vet last week but the others are healthy and happy.

Hi, I stumbled upon this site by mistake searching for scottish folds. I was wondering if anyone still had any for sale or adoption? I am looking to ad another fold to my household. Please email me if you know of any. Thanks.

Wow that would be some trip for a kitten.

they’ll keep