Went into Prince George to pick up the other half and her $2000 smile and killed some time at Staples.
For once someone came over and asked if I needed help, so I told him I had this $2000 Staples credit card and they never had anything to buy. He asked what I needed and when I explained I was way beyond need, I just wanted he offered up a leftover 15" Asus Vista laptop for $478. And a 3 year extended for $99 extra. Dedicated 512 graphics, didn’t even ask ATI or nVidia.

Gotta get rid of it, everyone’s stuck on these disgusting HPs Comcraps and Acer he sez…

Fastest deal he ever made. These things were wholesaling mid $600s in early Dec.
Win7 upgrade coupon came with it. Offered to do it there for only $19.95 but it would’ve had to hang around PG until late.
Too good a deal to resell. Too good to NOT post on here after all the slagging I’ve done about PG Staples.

Now I get to figure out WTF to do with three laptops…

You can send me one.  I’m pretty deprived. :frowning:

how much u want i will take it

yeah what kind of deals you giving  I got $350 for your used laptop ha ha