Scientists testing vaccine for cocaine users

Interesting, I never knew this was in the works…

Scientists testing vaccine for cocaine users
JANUARY 2, 2008 AT 11:56 PM EST
Nothing says drug addiction more than a needle and syringe. But that’s exactly what a team of
U.S. researchers believes can help cocaine users kick their menacing habit.
Two Baylor College of Medicine scientists based in Houston have developed a cocaine vaccine
that creates antibodies that bind to the drug and prevent it from travelling from the bloodstream
to the brain.
Unable to penetrate the brain, the drug can produce no high.
If the vaccine makes it through regulatory hurdles, it would be the first medication approved to
treat cocaine addiction.
“It certainly is a way of combining immunology that had not been used before,â€

Well,  I know for a fact that the First Nations Medical has had on it’s list for FREE Medication list is Methadone to Recovering addicts, I know an addict who’s been on methadone for years… I think methadone isn’t the answer either.

  But my real beef is The Goverment shouldn’t supply this Drug. The Dr that prescribes this is in Kitamaat B.C.

  Just something I am angry about…

You are right regarding Methadone, it is harder on ones body because it gets into your bones, but it has been proven though that if one uses it accordingly he/she can become a productive citizen and provide for the family or themselves. It has been successful in Scotland. For myself I went cold turkey and that was terrible on the old body yet I survived and am clean. I am against them handing out crack pipes in a big way.

They’re not handing out real crack pipes, their handing out “mouthpieces”. Some volunteer is snipping off little pieces of rubber surgical tubing and handing them out so you can put yours on the end and not get someone else’s germs.
I know certain people would like you to believe some gov’t employee is scouring all the head shops with a gov’t MasterCard buying up the crack pipes and handing them out to scabby headed little potential murderers.

hookers and meth, hookers and crack, hookers and pot… they just dont have the same ring as hookers and blow.  What will become of the world if this gets approved.