Hello,  as per my last message I am moving home from overseas,  I have noticed some posts about schools but none were clear on what my son needs in a school.

I have a gifted child who tends to underachieve at times.  Does any one know of a school that will cater to these needs?  They all seem to be closed this time of year so phoning them has not gone well.

Thank you

What grade is he in?

If he’s in elementry school I’d suggest either Lax Kleen or whatever the heck it’s called or Westview.

If he’s in high school I’d suggest PRSS… But then again, I’m biased.

Thankyou for reminding me,  of course I should have said so in the first post.

He is 9,  in what is  Year 4 hare so he will be continuing into grade 4 there I presume.

I went to kanata elementary was a good school at that time and I believe a lot of the same teachers are still there. Best bet would be to check with some of the prince rupert parents to see what they dislike and like about the school their child attends. That is if you get a choice, do they still have the stupid zoning rules?

I thought there still might be zoning laws,  but there are ways around that.  Gifted education is a special need issue and if there is a better program at a school outside the zone a persone can apply.  I hope.

Lax Kxeen and Pineridge have the most support for special and gifted students I believe.


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