School district seeks input on the name of new middle school

In late 2009 it was decided that grade 6, 7, and 8 students would join together in what is currently Prince Rupert Secondary School to form a middle school in 2011, and at the Tuesday, October 12 school board meeting, the first step was taken in the naming process for the school. … 59284.html

Oh I dunno maybe booth? or does rupert need to celebrate its cultural diversity by yet again ignoring every other culture there except native culture?


OMG, these people make me sick. Yeah, I’m sure they want our input like everything else they have asked for input on and then completely ignored. I have an idea, how about creating a position for someone at the Board Office for about 9 months to sit and think of a name.

This name the box action is designed to make the people of Rupert believe they are valued and that they have been consulted on important decisions. Well, it worked. It’s feels good to be included. How can I thank you enough?

Along that theme…maybe Campagnolo? She was someone who kept Rupert on the map, politically anyway. First woman Lt Governor of BC. Her name sounds Italian but I don’t know for sure…

Is there a tsimpshian term for “sinking into landfill”?