School District 52

Apparently there have been lay off notices given to 25 teachers.  Also I wonder what happened to the $600,000.00 that we had leftover last year apparently it has turned into a 1.2 million dollar defecit?  I can see crap hitting the fan. I hope people will really get organized and let the board know how unhappy they are as taxpayers.  First off, we close two schools ( ok old post topic . bear with me) we were told that no teachers or child care workers would lose their jobs.  Now 25 teachers will lose their jobs and how many CC workers?  Whom ever is projecting the targets ( ie 0 teachers and now 25) should get their eyes checked … hey maybe they worked at City Hall ( remember the accounting error where 5 million got counted twice?)
Yet . more management positions are getting made at the board office to “accomodate” the bumped prinicpals.  OMG stope this merry  go around I am getting dizzy!

Well according to Mayor Herb in yesterday’s Northern View and birdcage liner, we’re better off now than we were five years ago, not sure how he divined such wisdom but there you are…

My condolences to the soon to be laid off, though I suspect a lot of them will still end up working in September, that seems to be the way the system works…

As for the projections, much like a ferry dock can zoom from 100,000 to a million, I guess 600,000 can morph into 1.2 million. Dan Rodin use to work for the SD and now he’s at city hall counting the beans, maybe it’s all the voodoo economics of public accounting???

the vultures! :frowning:

I’m pretty sure this isn’t true as not all of the schools have done their staffing for next year.  Looks like it’s just a rumor.

I guess we’ll know soon enough, considering the high number of educators that log onto htmf  :wink:

Ahhh, HTMF never fails me when I need something to read while trying to find a late night Kara PuG for Badges. This topic gave me a chuckle too. Added bonus I guess.

Simple minds laugh at simple things!

I wish that were the case.

People just refuse to use common sense when making statements like the OP has. Thats what gave me the laugh.

Rumour I heard was that the district was 1.5 million short this year, because the provincial government has unexpectedly and without any notification pulled its labour market adjustment funding. This has also hit other districts pretty bad.

Nothing at all to do with the local people. They budgeted money that they expected to be receiving, and the province all of a sudden decided not to give them.

Thansk sockpuppet good to know in which direction to vent our frustrations at … are there provincial elections due soon… (next year I think?)  :unamused:

I’ve heard the same. It sounds the same as the last teachers contract where districts became responsible for a gov’t body negotiations.

I’m just curious as to how this has happened and yet nothing of any sort made the news. The affects it will have on larger districts would surely be news worthy.

As for layoffs and such, I recall hearing the district planning on staffing to 80% of requirments and filling in at start up next year. Except in the case of administrators who managed to avoid any such hardcomings… hmm me thinks I’ve seen this before…