School consolidation up for debate at the School District

The prospect of large super schools replacing the smaller more neighbourhood friendly ones of today at School District 52 was the topic of a wide ranging discussion last week.

The recent release of the final report of the District Visioning Committee has been the main focus of the debate for the last few weeks, as local teachers through their union the PRDTU express their concerns for the level of education in the district and where the future may be going.

The Visioning report has called for the closure of Seal Cove and Kanata schools at the end of this current school year, with Westview school on the west side of town to close at the end of the 2009 school year.

Other topics from the report included the potential closure of Port Edward school and the movement of its students to a school in Prince Rupert, the merger of the two city high schools into one school with a junior high school set up at the school that is closed…

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If they’re SUPER schools, how can anyone possibly be against them? It’s like being against super beer or a super blow job.

The same thing is happening where I live too.  We have schools less than 15 years old being shut down. 

There just aren’t enough kids.  Come on people, REPRODUCE!  (have fun)