School closure meeting

Just a reminder to everybody that there is a School Board meeting tonight (Tuesday, March 23, 7:00p.m.) at CHSS multipurpose room.  On the agenda are the possible closures of Port Edward, Roosevelt, and Westview elementary schools.

Given that the decisions made may change the face of the community in very significant ways, a large turnout from the public might serve notice that these decisions are being attended to by the voters.

I might add this link regarding an Abbotsford school closure process: … story.html

Thanks for the reminder.

  Although I’m not sure the link you attached has much to do with our school district. It may not be prudent to imply that School District 34 (which has has 47 schools, and different demographics) has any of the issues that our school district has.

None the less, it is a very important meeting.

I here its port ed and westview but not confirmed.

Good to have the inside scoop from ajaye

As you are in the know, did the board get a signed deal with the government for funding a new school?

Them there gov’t folks said they MAY have some money available for a new school, BUT… close your schools first. So this board fell for the same gov’t line last round of closures, so tell us Ajaye, did they get a deal signed or are we falling for the same trick a second time?

Come on Ajaye, look deeply into your crystal ball please let us know