School Board voted down 2017 2-week spring break

After having stakeholder jump through all the hoops, requesting feedback to be sent to the superintendent and having three different calendar proposals for the 2016/17 school year on the table, last night the school board voted against having a 2-week next year.
All stakeholders voiced their support for a 2-week spring break, to be on board with the rest of the province which currently is in the first week of a 2-week spring break with many students absent in our schools to attend tournaments and a dance competition happening right now across BC.
95% of the feedback received on the calendar proposals were in favour of the 2-week break.
An unreal, ingnorant and so deceiving act by our school board who seemed to have never had and probably never will have the intention to give a 2-week spring break a try.
Time to give them the boot!

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I think there may be a by-election coming up at some point. Our votes matter.

Is this an example of Bike Shedding?

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jees, far be it for me to defend the school board, however they have done what was required: consulted with stakeholders.
Consultation does not mean take advice, listen too or even seek consensus…it just means that the Board of Trustees consult.
Done deal: the board consulted, the decision was made. You are not the first to fall into the ‘consultation’ trap. You won’t be the last - but a least when you hear the word in other contexts (budgets, First Nation’s issues, etc.) you’ll have a better idea of what it truly means.
This is not the first time the board has proceeded along these lines and given this board it won’t be the last - World Cafe sound familiar?

The part that is laughable this year is that the way spring break is combined with Easter Weekend it works out to 7 school days than the Wednesday 30th is a PRO D Day, than kids go back just Thursday and Friday. Why even bother? As usual Rupert is behind the times.

The patronizing, we need to take care of them because they can’t take care of themselves attitude towards vulnerable aboriginal students, that the school board with its decision not to allow a 2-week spring break expressed, just shows that the mentality that led to the institutionalization of aboriginal children in Residential schools still exists today.

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According to this article the comments in the Facebook post are off the mark. Seems the two week Spring Break is still on the table.

Last night School District 52 overturned its previous decision and voted 5-1 in favour of a two week spring break.

Now can we all remember please who voted against this please so we don’t bring this person year after year in to the school board.

Thank you.