Scary Dragon

That optical illusion is actually pretty cool. There’s a video you can watch of the dragon in action and you can print off a copy of the dragon to make yourself.

Oh oh, I have a box of those somewhere.

I’ve seen this before it’s pretty cool.

I wish I invented that.

I’m going to make one tonight I think. He can watch me sleep.

I just made mine and it doesn’t work very well when there’s Shadows on his face…

Man, I feel like I made an internet friend today:

Dear Customer

Thank you for purchasing through ebay. We have just confirmed your payment, and will be shipping your purchased product tomorrow 9th of November. The regular sending period is usually between 8-21 working days, however may be excess delay due to handling and/or postage error. For further query, please feel free to email to us, including your products serial number, and any additional information.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope to trade with you again.


Shipping from Honk Kong.

That couldn’t look anyless like a dragon…

Man my eyes hurt from looking at that.

I’m too dense to make the thing.