Is it me, or does the mayor of Terrace seem scared of Rupert’s future in this article? Frankly I think they should be. All of thier big box shopping, is leveraged on Rupert’s shoppers. Once we finally supply our shoppers with what they need at home that’s going to put a huge dent in Terraces bottom line. Worst case scenario for them, they lose a big box and are stuck with nothing left to fill the void. Thier only option? Come to Rupert to shop…lol

Hell if we get some granite counter tops and Brazilian cherry wood floors… WORLD DOMINATION!

[quote]AMALGAMATING Terrace and Thornhill tops Mayor Jack Talstra’s objectives for the next year as he gave his annual state of the city address to the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce last week.

“I think we should go to referendum in the fall of 2007,â€[/quote]