Does anybody out there have or remember the RCMP scanner site, I had it once but seem to have lost it.Please


I thought there was a site on here which we got a while back?

Just a note. The dieseljim site is about three minutes or so later than the scanner.
If you want ‘live’ use scanner.

Naaah, Jimbo’s gismo is bang on the time… I thinks there’s just a few members who like “jump the gun”  :stuck_out_tongue:

139.250 is the RCMP repeater. 139.410

128.0 is Vancouver Center
134.8 also Vancouver
131.2 Alaska ATC
122.5 is Rupert Air stuff
133.4 is also some air traffic
127.3 Anchorage center, it is faint but sometimes I get stuff on that.
160.11 Rupert fire 1
159.15 Rupert fire 2
156.55 Vessel Traffic
156.8 Channel 16 VHF Marine
156.925 Marine 78a

it’s a about 45 sec behind my scanner…