Scanner is busy!

an ambulance was called…first he was having trouble breathing and then vomitting and not talking…sent to hospital…crazy hey!!!  they really should ban them…

That must be the one I heard just 15 minutes ago. 

maybe…they are at the hospital now

now 6 ppl beating up on one male…this town is nuts…scanner is hopping…busy night town full of drunks…damn FA day…drining instead of spending it on their kids

  You got that right  :imp:  Saw a bunch of drunk assholes chug-a-lugging outside the new SA food bank today.  There everyone, your tax dollars at work and I wonder how many will be in to the food bank on Monday grilling the manager for food. “I have no money” Waa-Waa! Get a freakin job and look after your kids. It makes me sick  :imp:

yeah…and when pl really need help most of them are turned down…what a pile a bs…you want kids support them dont have them so you can get FA to support your habit!

where do you listnen to all this

I listen to all the messages on my portable uniden.

thanks dude

I am biting my tongue, must not get into this post because everytime I get ranting everyone stops doing the posting so I remain silent for now. But it sounds like what I say.

Lol me too Justin, me too…

ahh i would join in…maybe thats why we are the only ones on here posting to this!! lol

LOL yay, a rant party!!

i believe we should all be able to speake our minds…lol let a bit of steam off gets me in a better mood so i dont go on a rampage!! ut i have to head to bed my sons looking 4 me

If we all spoke our minds and stop plas or doing it for the fast buck, we would not be in this situation. When everyone sits at their meetings but no one has the right stuff to call it.

If you mean turned down at the food bank, that rarely if ever happens The Captains have very lenient criteria and everyone shares the wealth so to speak.  Haven’t you seen them at Xmas driving up in their big trucks and SUV,s for the freebies? I know, I know, I could start a revolt on here but this is as far as my rampage will go. A mini rampage LOL