Saying goodbye

Yesterday I was saddened by two news bits and they were both related to The Friendship House . The first one was hearing of Mr. Fred Anderson having passed away , I first met Fred when I started my program in 88 - 89
he was in charge of The Friendship House and Farley Stewart was beginning to work for Fred but I will not go there now . I was very sad to hear of Fred , he was one hell of a good man . My second news bit was hearing that Edith Blackwater has left her job and everything else that she has applied herself to at the Friendship House for so many years . Knowing Edith for many years she always applied herself to the well-being of her clients . Edith was out in the community trying to get proper messages out to the public for years. I know that her dedication will be missed by many. I also believe that it is time that the Board responsible begin to
look into matters very seriously .

It is yet another hit to the community to have heard Edith resigned. Now would that mean that the Adult Program on Saturdays at Friendship House is finished, that the weaving class she held during the week is also and many other programs that she was either the leader of or involved in are gone? So sorry to hear of your decision Edith but certainly respect your thoughts behind it and wish you all the best in the future! You have been and will continue to be a GREAT asset to this town and we thank you for all the work that you have done for others.