Satisfaction with Prince Rupert City Council

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But one better make it good because they only give you five min. It will take 2 or 3min. if one wants to get some of there attention. But yes let it be heard loud and clear, ask the questions pertaining to staff and little known going ons.We must remember the workers who are there and are just to do their jobs. Example is how city employees had to defend themselves re poll pass and never really knew anything about it till mentioned in local papers.

Glad to see everyone thinks the same. Time to get a new crew in there. First we have to get rid of the Mayor… Herb Pond “Scum” and his lil loverboy sidekick Ken Cote.
thats my 2 cents

Wow… That was slanderous and homophobic at the same time. You’re the kind of person this city needs!

Elect me. I will do nothing and will take no salary or accountability.  Basically things will be the same but the city will have a few extra $$ and you wont have to listen to a bunch of asshats giving each other a self congratulatory reach arounds anytime something moderately “good” happens in the city.

Well it sure nice waking to a community tune like Jesus wants to run the county. You folk seem kind of angry with the higher up honchos. Wish I kould git in on it but bein a guest in this neigbourhod but I sure love to read all that crap being put down yur troats. I would like to see certain folk beat on for an example so the shirts in the big house will see you are kind pissed.

It sure is getting interesting that is for real, I would be curious who or how many big or wanna be big wigs are taking up space in city hall? Yeah and then let us figure out the cost to the city. I don’t know where you all get the info but I am sure the rest of the community would be interested as well.

No cost. Someone occupying a position that was already there is completely normal. Even IF, for example, Michael Curnes took over as Corporate Admin, it wouldn’t cost the City any money.

Okay, let’s say Mr. Curnes does take over that position. Is he going to continue on in his current position as well? If so, the city will save on a salaried position and all the benefits that go along with it, but does that mean more work for other employees to take up the chores he will no longer have time for? If he has to be replaced, how much cost is that to the city in terms of the job search,etc? How much time/wages goes into getting his replacement trained up in the position? Anytime a salaried civic employee moves up or out, unless his/her old job is made redundant, there is going to be some cost to the city, whether in having staff cover off parts of his old job or the cost of finding/fitting in their replacement.


You’re right, no one should ever strive to move up in life. It costs the far too much to post an ad on

I have no problems with hiring internally at the civic level to fill positions, as long as the hiree is qualified for the job. I have however seen how much time and effort can go on in hiring the right person for the job from outside and how sometimes projects can go astray or other things are forced to be neglected because it’s really hard to get the right person right now. Either way, there is some kind of cost involved and while it might not be monentary in nature, something has to give when you are trying to recruit and are having a tough time finding a great candidate…and there are no guarantees that the person will accept the job anyhow (for oh so many reasons, whether finding out they can’t afford to live in the community or family pressures), which means another search and round of interviews. Time is money too, right??

So someone mentioned a Mike Curnes, who would he be is he a council member? Is he some bodies go boy what position does he hold in this here county. I hear rumbling when he is mentioned among the real city workers. What does he do or what did he do. Just curious because this is all too interesting for this boy.

He works for the city as Recreational Director and what ever else I do not know.