Satellite Photo

Can anyone out there tell me where I may find a Satellite Photo of N.W. coast
with Queen Charlotte Islands?

Google for World Wind… Someone here has or had an image in their personal photo album too.

Anyone have a higher resolution version of that?

I think Matt had a really good copy of it as well.

Yeah I saw the one image that was posted and it is too small, I wanted to use it as a wallpaper. I appreciate the help so far but here is hoping that Matt comes through.

Molton Universe has an 800X600 version in his image gallery.

It’s actually 1000x763 pixels

I got owned.

If you havn’t downloaded that World Wind program, I can take a few Screenshots of the NW coast and post some links…

Make it so.

Shouldn’t you be working right now, though?

Working on eating my lunch, you cock socket.

Orangetang have you tried that suggestionre Screen shot ? Curious with what you may have for wall paper here. I would appreciate your help.