Santa Claus is coming to town?

Does anyone know what hours Santa is going to be at the mall? The Rupert Square Mall site has no info.  How annoying!

hes not the real santa any way :smiley:

decker, NO, say it isn’t so, please  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:  Repeat after me, Yes Codybear, there is a Santa !

never said there wasnt one just that hes not the real one . its no fair santa gets credit for all the presents kids get . i feel as i get the shaft there lol

After the parade, my 4yr old came up to me and said “Mom I sawed Santa, but it wasnt the real santa - just some guy with a really white beard”  lol  I told my kids that santa hires local people to step in for him, this way hes not so stressed out this time of year!

If you look closely at the entrance by the dollar store/ archibal and clarke there is a poster on the glass doors. From what i recall he will be there on the 14th and from the 17th to the 23rd. hours are 11-4 and weekends 4-6. but I might be wrong i have to go down there anyways so i will post again to let you know if i am right. Merry Christmas. Btw… Santas lazy so he hires frauds, but i’d never tell my kids that…lol :stuck_out_tongue:

There are posters at each one of the entrances of the mall with all of the holiday hours, Santa’s hours, and Manager’s Specials.  There’s also a craft fair across from The Source tomorrow.

Bull shit.  He is TOO the Santa Claus.  I have billions of witnesses too that will quash your statement all to hell TOO!

the signs are retty hard to miss because no-one wants to stand around and read them all…

Good thing that there’s a big pile of coal on the outskirts of town here, cause with all this talk of No Santa, gonna be a lot of coal dumped down chimneys this year.

  or something else…

That’s always been my all time favourite Xmas card!!

Ever year we make some Christmas cards with that pic as freebies for customers. Inside’s the rhyme (courtesy of an old couple who ran a nearby lodge for ages):

Money’s short
Times are hard
Here’s your fuckin’ Christmas Card.

The other popular one is the crazed Santa smoking a fattie

The real Santa is a redneck …


another …

well then im glad i dont have a chimney then…

So!!!Has anyone found out the day & time Santa is coming to Rupert Square?

Got it from the horses’ mouth: Santa will be appearing Dec 14-23 weekdays from 4pm to 7pm and weekends 1pm to 5pm.

I just got my photos done.  And guess what!!!  There’s actually a photographer this time!  (last year we had to take our own photos… lame!)

The photographer gave me a deal too, when I chose many photos to buy.