Samsung galaxy 3 coming to a store near you

did a little digging around online today and the galaxy 3 will be available for our dirty little mitts on june 27, on all the regular galaxy carriers rogers ,bell and telus. cant wait anymore hurry up already
heres a few links … … june-27th/

I’d like to know why we’re getting the dual core processor with it when everywhere else gets the quad core? :frowning:

I noticed that too, not sure, i see the 64 gb storage models are not available here also, but our phones will have 2 gb of ram as all others will have 1 gb of ram, deal breaker? not sure time will tell after some reviews come in on this Canadian variation, I heard even different providers will have slightly different models too.

Well I’m not waiting for that, I’ll be getting one asap. My contract finished with Citywest a few days ago so I’m jumping ship over to Rogers.

I was going to ship over to Rogers too. Until I realized that Citywest has a better data plan than rogers, or any other carrier. 30 bucks for completely unlimited data. Can’t find that on Rogers. “oh, well you can use wifi, and then you don’t have to use your data at all” If I wanted to use wifi, I’d bust out my laptop and use it, it’s more powerful than any phone for browsing…

7-11 Speakout has unlimited data for $10/month. No contract needed. They’ll even sell you just a SIM for your phone.

Does Citywest have any of these new phones?

nope. No new phones. Mines a palm pre, which they stoped making. LOL the problem for me is. I can’t afford to buy a phone outright. When I can, things will be easier. I plan to move to terrace soon anyhow so I will need a non citywest phone.