Sally Ann doesn't like Harry Potter & Twilight … 78111.html

Whatever you do, don’t donate Harry Potter or Twilight books or toys to the Sally Ann!

They threw out my Shambalah book my friend donated accidentally to them too.

Oh Religion, is there anything you cant fuck up?

Before I start , Smurfette I am not calling anyone down. Salvation Army is not a religion , William Booth who was or is the founder put it together to take care of the needie many years ago. They just turned it into what it has become much later on. But what are they going to do with Harry Potter stuff and other books or games? I think they should give them to something like KAPs or another group.

Before this goes too far, I believe that this was an isolated event at one Branch (I think Calgary) and not a overall policy, but I could be wrong.

Yeah Calgary so far but lets sit back and watch how far it may go if anywhere.

I donate cases of books in the summer that were left over from a book sale and was told to remove books like Stephen King etc or they would be tossed in the trash. This was told to me by a volunteer there, so to be careful I sorted through them and gave any ‘questionable’ material to the library

Ridiculous. I never would have read Harry Potter had it not been available to me from Annunciation’s library… It astounds me how silly some Christian groups are about children fiction.

Aha! You read Harry Potter!! Everything is now making much more sense!!!

I mean–was Harry Potter the catalyst for my eventual transformation into a servant of Satan? Yes. But that doesn’t make it BAD.

If a gift is given to an organization to disperse, I believe there is a moral obligation not to destroy that gift. I would like to see it made a legal obligation.

The Salvation Army does good in many areas. While I don’t give to them for my own reasons, I don’t think this should be enough for others to stop giving.

Giving, the same as love, must be done in the same vein to be meaningful … unconditionally.

Darn I was gonna donate my old copy of the Necronomicon and all my C’thulu dolls.

As much as I’m not big on organized religion, and it’s pretty tough to deny that religion is an aspect of the Salvation Army, they do a ton of good work that not many people are willing to do, so I support them.

Just because you disagree with their stance on one issue doesn’t mean you should grab a pitchfork and posse up.

My cousin volunteers or used to with Sally Ann and any donations thought of as inappropriate are thrown out in the dumpster out back so if you want any new and used stuff, there it is. I think they lock it now though. They don’t accept toys that resemble war weapons and stuff like that, that’s good, but they will try and charge you $5 for a sweat shirt that is covered in stains. Oh well, they do some good stuff for those in need and those that definitely are not but that is another topic.