Sales Pitch

Get an extra 20% off things at any Athletes World today, Sunday November 21st from 4-7pm. It’s our Friends and Family event, and even if things are already 75% off… you still get an extra 20% off.

Wow, I better go get me some b-ball shoes for the All Native.

Sorry we don’t carry size 3.


Yes you do, I saw them there.

Hey KAO, do you guys carry baseball cleats?


Yes you do, I saw them there.[/quote]

Only if you count the cute lil baby blue boots you tried on… but your mom bought you those for x-mas and cleaned out our stock. Sorry I ruined the surprise.

Nope, but we have 2 styles of soccer cleats.

So when is the next sale at A’s World??

you got any size 15 shoes?

:bulb: You know what they say about big shoes

Yeah, worn by guys with big feet.

hoshq, we can order up to size 18 if we need to. But, we only ever get up to size 13 of every man’s style, and size 14 of particular ones.

We just did a new sale setup sunday night… so this one will go for a couple weeks maybe, then we’ll have the big xmas sale… which I’ll be missing most of.