Safety nets

I was just wondering if the service providers or Charitable Programs still ask for a Criminal Check for people who work for them in any level. I wonder if the Anti Poverty organization does this, if not then I believe there should be some questions asked and answered regarding the Criminal Checks. I think all individuals must be checked very close and this must include violent offenders as well.

I have often wondered that myself ! Even where I am employed, I have always thought there should be Criminal Checks, not just for staff but for the volunteers also. You never know what you might be dealing with and living with the “ignorance is bliss” philosophy is none too healthy these days!

Believe they do, but not 100 per cent sure. I know the local Rotary Clubs require a criminal record check for anyone who is going to be working with youth in any capacity and, at a recent regional meeting, people around the table who are involved with other groups said the same is true for several volunteer organizations that work with or around young people.

My question is not just youth as some would think but also adult females and male, I know of one individual who is known for slapping women around and is right in there like a dirty shirt. I feel this is not right.

I’ve had three criminal checks in the last year. In all fairness to Justin Case, they were not from charitable programs ( Mine were from minor soccer, the Summer Games, and being a parent, driving kids to/ from events for an Elementary  School , that kind of thing)

Once a criminal check IS done on an individual, I would think that data should be put in a bank where it could be called on at any time. If I’m not mistaken, a member of our local dispatch ( in P.R.) is paid to deal with each criminal check that crosses their desk.

Ah the info is not put into a data bank … every organization that you work with charitable or otherwise requires a criminal record check, for each organization. I have had them done for school, hockey, socceer and work. Justin I know the person to whom you are referring to ( at least I think 99%) I have had the same concerns. Does not make any sense to me . However, I think if the crime does not affect children it does not matter … there is a fine line on what is diviluged on the form. IE if you had a charge for disturbing the peace it would not be listed on the criminal record check.

So, I could have a volunteer working alongside me who has a history of abuse, sexual or other, and I would never know as we do not have to get criminal record checks. I have always found that very disconcerting.  It is one thing to deal with the public as I do and hopefully am protected to a degree from certain individuals by my employers, but it is another to be with someone daily and put your faith and trust in them. A little scary when you think about it !

Again in regards to this person or these persons being allowed to carry on with their hidden agendas, they should not be allowed to serve any part of the public youth or adults. If an individual is known and has been charged for a crime of slapping a lady around, not Bitched slapped given a serious beating to the individual, they should not be allowed to be there and no matter who they know in the outfit. Who is to say they will not get out of control when someone complains of service or rules. I am  usually fair with people but I have no tolerance for abusers of any kind. This should be addressed as soon as possible but they never answer their phones anyway.

Regarding the CRC’s, an offence will show but it is at the discretion of the organization to consider if the person should continue working with youth. i.e. we had a Guide Leader who had been charged with stealing fruit from a yard as a young adult, we had to have a meeting to determine if she could continue, in the meantime she could not be alone with children.  Having said that there is a girl’s soccer coach who is questionable, charged but never convicted so I guess it’s up to the organization.

I understand and respect a person right to personal info, et al, but I wonder seriously when you have a hockey coach charged with drug trafficiking and assault how the heck they can coach hockey??