Russia signs cease-fire, tensions remain high

[quote]TBILISI, Georgia (CNN) – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed the cease-fire plan designed to end its military conflict with Georgia, his office says.

However, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said it would not completely withdraw from Georgian territory until troops had finished cleaning up ammunition, weapons and boobytraps left behind by Georgian troops.

Medvedev saw the cease-fire as “very positive,” said spokesman Andrei Nesterenko Saturday.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili signed the deal Friday, during a visit from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. [/quote]


I live in georegia but I dont see rusia no where not even sound but they says theres tanks should I be worrie

i herd on the news that rusia has invaded but i dont see them no where whats going on

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In the event of invasion, Yahoo! Answers.

I just love the U.S. governments condemnation of Russia for violating the accepted rules of international law. Is that the pot calling the kettle black, or what?

Well-said.  Of course the USA didn’t invade Iraq.  They liberated Iraq from tyranny, heh-heh.

Ya…me and Clem hav bin lookin, serchin wit our pick-up truk.  ders no TANKS. :confused:

I think the analogy doesn’t work, because unlike the US, the Russians actually were welcomed as liberators.

Strange bedfellows and all that –

US Special Forces have been training the Georgian military.

Georgia has a couple of thousand soldiers in Iraq, under US command.

Russian T-72 and T-80 tanks, sporting Israeli-inspired reactive armour were caught off guard by Georgian tank hunters using Israeli anti-tank missiles.  So while the Russian armour almost liquidated all the Georgian T-80s (without reactive armour), they were themselves vulnerable to infantry.

Russian bombers were shot down by old Soviet-era anti-aircraft missiles.  The same type the Russians used to shoot down Israeli-built drones over South Ossetia.  

Strange and surreal.  If you were transported to 2008 from Cold War 1988, nothing would make sense.

Not in Georgia they weren’t. 

The Russians didn’t “invade” South Ossetia – they’ve been there since the breakup of the Soviet Union.  They just didn’t leave.  The Georgians decided to force their hand and reclaim their territory.

More news about this.

[quote] TBILISI, Georgia (CNN)  – Georgia accused the Russian army of destroying a key railway bridge Saturday and starting massive fires in the scenic Borjomi Gorge, in violation of a new cease-fire agreement between the two countries.

The Metekhi-Grakali bridge lies in ruins. Georgia accuses the Russian army of destroying it.

A senior Russian military official denied the allegation.

Georgia’s Foreign Ministry also said Saturday that Russian-backed militia members have seized control of 13 Georgian villages and a power plant bordering the region.

There was no immediate independent confirmation of the claim.[/quote]

In Georgia, you poke the bear.
In Soviet Russia, the bear poke you.

Never mess with the bear.

[quote]TBILISI, Georgia (CNN) – Russia says it will begin pulling back its troops from Georgia on Monday, but it is unclear how long the redeployment will take.

Russia President Dmitry Medvedev told French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday that Russia would start pulling back its forces from Georgia on Monday, his office said.

Sarkozy, who holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, brokered a cease-fire between Russia and Georgia.

Russian troops would begin withdrawing to a buffer zone and into the breakaway province of South Ossetia as stipulated by the cease-fire, Medvedev’s office said.[/quote]



Da…Comrade. :smile:

[quote]BRUSSELS, Belgium (CNN) – NATO has accused Russia of failing to honor the full terms of the cease-fire agreement brokered by the European Union last week aimed at ending the fighting in Georgia.

NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said on Tuesday that Russian forces were still inside Georgia despite the agreement to withdraw – and despite Moscow saying they had begun doing so on Monday.

“We do not see signals of this happening,” Scheffer said. “There can be no business as usual with Russia under the present circumstances.”[/quote]


Well I am really surprised that they have not stuck to this deal,I believe they should send Harper, Bush and Condem eater Rice to settle things , maybe give them Bush or Harper. Da… Comrade

I’m a bit concerned that Russia is playing games, this is a bit ominous. :astonished:
Da Comrade:-)

Now you know what has always bothered me about the Bull Shit USA has done for years and years it seems, they can march into some country and mess the whole thing up for everyone, they will get behind some dictator and once they are in power and they decide not to go as USA says they get into a war. They invade a country and say it is in the name of peace which to me is like fornicating for virginity. I can not ever understand this shit. I can name many dictators they have bought in the years.

It’s been whole days since the ceasefire… the Russians are making a valid point.
Stop shitting in our backyard, and give us the respect that’s due. The people are behind Putin because he promised and delivered a sense of respect they lost with the collapse of the USSR and the drunken lout Yeltsin.
Bush and his wardogs have been poking Russia with a sharp stick for 2 terms now with this “rogue state” ABM shit which only the stupidest most gullible neo-con believes is not directly aimed at Russia and in complete violation of existing treaties.
The Georgians were complete fools and got suckered into this one, rushing in to Ossetia thinking they had total Western backing and not realizing the Russians were waiting to stage a big show. The Russian reinforcements  and Navy “just happened” to be about 15 minutes away.
Besides, it’s pretty ignorant of Bush to condemn Russia when the USA assumes the right to stomp around Central America (El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Grenada) with impunity and they’re not right on it’s border and full of Americans.

The Bush foreign policy is stupid at the best of times. :imp: