Rupertites in Calgary begs the question?

without naming names I would like to say that I’ve stolen two of your city’s finest young ladies (and when i say stolen i mean they flew out here) and had them visit calgary for the last 5 days, and i must say this.  hearing about rupert kind of makes me miss it, but watching how they react to real stores and cool shops reminds me of what i’m doing in the city.  this leads me to the actual point of this thread…has the port brought on new stores and new business and new money as it was said to or is the money staying with those who work there only?

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These things take time.

we have a pizza hut…
and a casino

woot woot  :unamused:

Time will tell.  I think that Royop’s commitment to developing a new retail area on the East side of town is a positive step.  My guess is that most residents feel that improvments and new money isnt happening quick enough but if one really thinks about it we have come a long way in a short time.  3 years ago the port was a pipe dream and we were grieving the loss of our major employer, the Pulp Mill.  Now the mill is a (almost)distant memory, the port is operational and we’re waiting for the word on the next phase as well as the spin-offs associated with this type of development.  A little more patience and I’m sure we’ll see alot of new jobs, new money and new development come to town.  When they come I hope the bring The Gap with them.

Your fubu hoodie getting a bit old for your liking?  is that why you need a store that will allow you to dress like all the metrosexual folks from down south?

Im sure that baby blue and grey diamond pattern shirt  with the pink popped collar will bring all the bitches.

?? An ex employee came to visit from Calgary this summer, we were all like
Is that fucking eyeshadow? Did you forget this is the Fort, you fruit? Gotta deathwish?

It’s all about comfort at a reasonable price.  I don’t buy clothes in this town.  They’re either way too friggin’ expensive or cheap shit.  You should go and visit a gap sometime.  They stopped selling baby blue with pink back in '86.

I now live in Blairmore,AB. i have been to Calgary many times and you can have it. I also lived in Rupert were my son was born , from 79-88 and loved it. Unlike Calgary it’s small freindly, room for growth and you don’t have to sell your first born to pay the rent.

gaming centre

I’d rather not pay and arm and a leg to look like every other gap shopping douche out there. Thanks though.

Honestly, I’ve been shopping in Blairmore quite a few times and outside of the hardware stores and a few specialty shops, there isn’t too much of interest…I’m betting for clothes,etc a lot of people head over to Lethbridge or day-trip up to Calgary anyhow. Agreed that I’d never want to live in Calgary either but Blairmore never came across as a place I’d want to settle down in either. Too dry and windy for my taste.

As for Rupert, it’s going to be a long, loooong while before any of the high-end stores would even begin to consider opening up there. The population needs to seriously rebound to make it even a consideration, imho.

Unless you wear a three piece suit or a kilt everyday chances are you look like every other gap douche out there.  Pair of jeans and a cotton T-shirt for under $50 if you look hard enough. Not exactly an arm and a leg.  Check out the link and then tell me that.

Obvioulsy no major clothing chains are coming our way soon.  Its just on my long term wish list.

I do all my clothes shopping at the liquor store. I don’t normally drink them, but I’ll buy Molson Canadian, Budweiser etc. if they come with a free t-shirt.

You used to be able to pick which NFL team t-shirt you got when you bought a 15 of Bud… I had a dream of getting the entire league, but I’ve only got 4 of them.

that would be pretty sweet, but as you moved towards completion the original size of shirts would no longer fit, rendering your victory bittersweet at best. then you wouldve realized that you drank hundreds of bud lights, so it would have been bittersweet in a metaphorical way, and plain old bad tasting in a flavour way.

When I click any link and it says “you might also like converse all stars” I can tell you right away that is not the store for me. 

Personally I prefer not to dress like I was forced to in the 80’s. Unless of course hyper color comes back.

Personally, I like to be comfortable and not have to give up my first born to do it.  I don’t look anything like I did in the 80’s when I dress.  Besides, they have a great selection of quality kids clothing too.  I think that you are stuck looking at stereotypes. Gap clothing does have some cheesy shit but they also sell alot of really comfortable, quality clothing too.  Thank god for internet shopping these days.  I no longer have to be forced to buy the crap that is sold in this town at outrageous prices.

To be completely honest I havent been to the gap for like 2 years. I refuse to shop there or old navy until they stop making retarded annoying commercials.  Last time I was in there though there were racks upon racks of pink shirts and other various stupidity.

It’s all about comfort at a reasonable price.  [/quote]

Gap still using 3rd world sweatshops? May explain their ‘reasonable prices’.

I refuse to shop there or old navy until they stop making retarded annoying commercials.  [/quote]

Well, that’s one reason to not shop there - and the major advantage to not having TV at home…no commercials.

I don’t make it a habit to police how a retailer conducts their business.  Bottom line…Price and quality.  If you showed me pictures of children working in a Gap clothing factory who were malnourished and treated like slaves I may change my opinion.  Until then I’ll settle for the best bang for my buck.